How To Identify A Transmission That Needs Repair

Do you have a suspicion that something is wrong with your vehicle's transmission? If so, it helps to look out for the following warning signs that identify a transmission that needs repair.

Dashboard Light

The transmission doesn't have a dedicated light on your dashboard to let you know that something is wrong. However, the engine light will come on if there is a problem. You'll want to take your vehicle to a professional to plug in a special computer that reads the code and confirms which part is malfunctioning. A local mechanic can do this, but even auto parts stores have the capability as well. That can confirm your suspicions that you have a transmission problem.


A common symptom of transmission problems is stalling. The purpose of an automatic transmission is to shift gears for you, so the vehicle should always move forward when you push on the accelerator. Be concerned if the vehicle ever stalls and fails to accelerate 


The direct opposite of stalling can also happen, which is known as surging. This is when the car moves forward with unexpected speed when you are not using the accelerator. You may have an issue with dirty transmission fluid, which will require flushing the system to get it back to normal. 

Shifting Issues

Does your vehicle have problems shifting between gears? This can happen when going between park, reserve, and drive. The transmission is responsible for shifting between these gears, and there should never be hesitation when doing so. Having a vehicle that fails to shift gears properly is a sign of transmission failure, so take your car to a mechanic soon to repair the problem.


Transmission slipping is when the vehicle falls out of the current gear that it needs to be in. This can happen when driving on the highway and needing to be in a higher gear to maintain your speeds. You may notice that the vehicle fails to accelerate and the RPM meter goes incredibly high for a moment. This is a sign that the transmission slipped into a lower gear momentarily. 


There are a lot of noises that can be made due to a damaged transmission. You may notice these sounds when the vehicle shifts gears coming out of being idle. Grinding, clinking, and humming are all possible. If you hear a new sound that the vehicle has never made before, have it inspected to fix the problem early on. 

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