Tips For Spotting Potential Brake Problems With Your Vehicle

There are many aspects of your vehicle that need to work for you to have a ride that is safe and comfortable. Of all the aspects of your vehicle, the brake system is crucial to ensuring your safety. That is why it helps to watch out for the following problems to identify when it is time to take your car in for auto repair.


Every car controls a bit different, but you're likely familiar with the sensation of your vehicle's brake pedal when pressing down on it.  It moves gently without providing a lot of resistance and should go down smoothly. Be aware if the sensation of pushing down on the pedal changes over time. You want to be cautious of any vibrations that go through the pedal that you are able to feel through your foot. 

A common reason for brake pedal vibration is sticking brake pads.  This happens if there is any type of corrosion on the pad that creates grooves, which provides resistance and causes that vibration.  

Burning Odors

One odor that you should never smell in your vehicle is one that smells like something is burning.  Your brakes are one part of a vehicle that can cause this odor, which is definitely a reason to be concerned.  If you smell a burning smell, you likely have a situation where the brake pad has worn thin and you now have metal rubbing directly against metal.  All of that friction is going to cause things to heat up quickly, which creates the odor that you are smelling within your vehicle. Thankfully, the simple fix to this problem could be getting new brake pads.

Odd Sounds

Odd sounds can be caused by a variety of reasons. While it is often due to worn down brake pads causing metal to rub against metal, there are other problems to watch out for, as well.  The sounds could come from a router that is broken, or anti-rattle clips that are not working correctly. Your mechanic can take a look under your vehicle and tell you what is making that sound with some simple tests.

Low Resistance

Do you push down on your brake pedal and notice that it goes down very fast?  Low resistance problems are due to issues with the brake fluid. You potentially have a leak somewhere in the system where brake fluid is leaking out, so you no longer have the resistance in the brake pedal that you are accustomed to feeling.  Take your car to a mechanic immediately, since you'll need to find that leak and have it repaired.