Figuring Out Why Your Vehicle Will Not Start

Would you know what is wrong with your vehicle if it did not start? Many car owners do not. This can cause panic to ensue. If a vehicle has adequate fuel and will not start, there could be a wide range of other things that could cause this issue. Sometimes this type of issue is indicative of a need for an auto repair.

Auto mechanics can diagnose puzzling issues because they have machines to aid them in performing complex and thorough inspections. Since you do not have these machines, use the following points to help you understand some issues that could cause your vehicle not to start. 

Ignition Issue

If you turn your ignition and your vehicle attempts to turn on but it does not, you may need a new ignition switch. It is normal for ignitions to wear down over time. This is likely not the case if you have a newer model car. You can perform a simple test to determine if your ignition might be the problem; turn on your headlights. If they work, your ignition could be faulty.

Battery Issue

This should be one of the first things you check. Check your battery and see if you can find someone to get give you a jump start. If the attempt to recharge does not work, you might need a new battery. Take note of your battery connections. If corrosion is present it can impact the battery being able to power your vehicle, meaning you may need to clean the battery heads. Also, check the connections to ensure they are secure.

Alternator Issue

The alternator in your vehicle is also an essential auto part that must be intact for your vehicle to operate. One tell-tale sign of a faulty alternator is the dimming of lights. Your headlights and the lights in the side-panel of your doors will be dimly lit if you have an alternator issue. Your vehicle also will not respond to a jumpstart.

Fuel Pump Issue

Unfortunately, this issue likely cannot be diagnosed by you alone. An auto repair shop can inspect your vehicle to determine whether this essential auto part is the issue. A working fuel pump is necessary to ensure that your vehicle gets the fuel it needs to operate.

Running these simple tests can give you a good idea as to why your car won't start, but an auto repair shop is an excellent resource to use to ensure an accurate diagnosis the problem. Sometimes vehicles have multiple issues that cause them not to start. This is why it is important to get auto maintenance as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.