3 Reasons Window Tinting Is A Must-Have In Hot Climates

The US is a varied country with a wide range of climates, and that includes many areas with blistering hot summers. Portions of the Southwest may see high temperatures and intense sunlight year-round, which can be hard on everything from your home's air conditioning system to your car's interior. In these harsh environments, automotive window tinting can be more than an aesthetic choice.

If you live in an area that sees intense sunlight for more than a few months, then it's time to think about tinting your car's windows. Below you'll find three reasons why a professional tint job can be a worthwhile long-term investment.

1. Your Dash Will Look Like New

If you've only see faded and cracked dashboards on older vehicles, then you might think that this is a problem that's long-since disappeared. Unfortunately, modern dashboards can be just as susceptible to damage from the sun. Your windshield can act as a magnifying glass, potentially increasing the UV exposure of plastic and vinyl along the top of your car's dashboard.

Over time, this high level of exposure can cause vinyl and plastic to fade, dry out, and eventually crack. You can reduce the likelihood of this damage by parking your car in the shade when possible and using a sunscreen, but tinting your windshield is the most permanent and effective option. Window tint that blocks UV light will offer the best protection.

2. Your Leather Won't Fade

Car leather is highly resistant to sun damage, but it's not immune. Although you are unlikely to experience the bleaching effect that can sometimes occur on leather furniture after long-term sun exposure, you may still find your leather seats cracking and fading. Upholstery that is rarely cleaned or conditioned can suffer the worst damage.

As with your dashboard, the best way to ensure that your seats look like new is by reducing their exposure to sunlight. Window tinting will help to keep UV rays away, protecting your seats even if you neglect to routinely clean and condition them.

3. You'll Stay Comfortable

One of the best ways to help your home air conditioner out is to close blinds and curtains to reduce the sun's ability to heat your home. Unfortunately, your car's cabin is a glass box with windows that you cannot safely block. This high level of sunlight can make even the best air conditioners struggle when exposed to some of the hottest places in the country.

Window tint can have a surprisingly drastic effect on your air conditioner's efficiency. By reducing the amount of infrared radiation that enters your vehicle, your air conditioner won't need to work nearly as hard to keep you comfortable. With your air conditioner operating more efficiently, you might even save a few dollars on your fuel costs!

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