2 Problems Caused By Choosing Tires Too Big For Your Car

If the tires on your car are starting to wear out, you may be getting ready to purchase new ones. When looking at the various models and sizes, you may be thinking about having larger tires installed, believing that they will give you better maneuverability and stability. However, if you do choose tires that are bigger than the recommended size for your car, there are a couple of problems that will most likely arise.

1.  Transmission Wears Out Faster with Using Tires Larger than Recommended

One problem that could be caused by installing tires on your car larger than the recommended size is that doing so could make the transmission wear out faster. When your vehicle was designed, the size of the tires was sized to meet the proper gear ration required for the transmission to smoothly shift between gears.

However, when the tires are larger than the design calls for, the gear ratio is knocked out of whack. When this happens, the gears in your car's transmission must work harder than intended. Because of this excess stress, the gears will wear down, which can cause your transmission to slip and eventually break down. 

2.  Brakes Have to Work Harder When Dealing with Tires That Are Too Big for Their Design

Another area where larger tires can adversely impact is the braking system. When the braking system for your car's model was designed, the calipers, shoes, and pads were specifically sized and calibrated for a specific size of tire. This precise calibration allows for the smooth slowing and stopping of your vehicle.

However, if the tires are too big for the wheelbase, they are also too big for the brakes. You may start to notice that your car is harder to slow or stop because the brakes are unable to produce the right amount of pressure and friction. 

Also, because the brakes have to work harder to stop your car, their components will wear out or even break quicker. The pads will become worn faster, and the calibers could crack or snap under the increased stress.

If you opt to have tires that are too big installed on your car, you run the risk of causing damage to your transmission and brakes that could lead to costly repairs. If you are uncertain as to what size tire is recommended for your vehicle, speak with an automotive tire dealer near you for assistance with choosing a size and model that will work well with your car.