Suspension Work That Makes Off-Road Vehicles More Functional

Do you have an off-road vehicle that has a standard, stock suspension? It may be time to plan updates to make it more functional. You can have suspension work done to make your vehicle more adapted for driving on trails and rough terrain. The following suspension work is going to make your vehicle more functional in off-road conditions:

Lift Kits That Provide More Clearance

The stock clearance of your vehicle is probably designed more for highway driving conditions. Thus, a lift kit can be a good investment to give your suspension the right clearance for trail driving conditions. Several lift kit options are considered, including spring spacers, shock, spring replacements, or complete suspension lift kits. You can use spacers to test different suspension heights before deciding on lift kits and tires to install for your suspension upgrades.

Spring and Shock Upgrades for a Smooth Ride

Even a basic lift kit may not have the springs and shocks that you need for off-roading. Consequently, other suspension upgrades you may need to do is installing new springs and shocks. There are options for aftermarket springs and shocks that are designed to take the abuse of rough trail conditions. In addition, you may want to add off-road dust boots to different components to protect parts while driving on trails.

Steering Correction Suspension Components for Handling

Another area where upgrades can be done to your suspension is the steering. This is due to the problems with lifting the suspension that can cause steering issues. Thus, you may need to have steering correction parts installed to ensure lifts and upgrades are done correctly. The parts that may need to be replaced include control arms and other steering components. You may also want to add skid plates to parts of your suspension that are vulnerable to damage due to debris on off-road trails.

Tires That Are Designed for Trail and Off-Road Driving Conditions

The tires are the most important components of your off-road suspension upgrades. There are many choices for the size and style of off-road tires that you use. You want to use larger rims and tires to accommodate the lifted suspension. You may also want to choose between trail or trail and street tires. If you also do highway driving, a trail and street tread is the best choice to have the right tires for different driving conditions.

The right suspension upgrades will make your vehicle more adapted for trail conditions. Contact a local auto shop that offers services like suspension work to learn more about your options.