Things You Need To Get An Auto Duplicate Title

There are many reasons why you might need to obtain an auto duplicate title. Whether you lost yours in a house fire, flood, or it was otherwise lost, you need to obtain another one. To help make this as smooth of a process as possible, you will need to read a little further about some of the things you will need.


VIN stands for vehicle identification number and it is specific to your vehicle. There are no two that are the same. You can find the VIN in one of two places. There is usually a little metal plate that has vehicle-specific information engraved on it. The plate is typically placed on the dashboard, in the far left corner. You might be able to see it the easiest by looking at the dash from outside of the vehicle because it is placed really close to where the dash meets the windshield.

Your ID And Proof Of Ownership

You will need to have a valid ID that you can present to the state, as well as some proof that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle. If you happen to have a lien on the vehicle from when you purchased it, you will need that information as well. The lien holder information can help show your ownership status. Otherwise, you might need a copy of the bill of sale or receipt in order to prove that the vehicle is yours. You may also be able to use a current state registration card for the vehicle, as your information will appear on that card.

It is important to remember that those are some of the basics that are required in order to obtain a duplicate vehicle title. There might be more requirements, but that will vary from one state to the next. You can call your local motor vehicle department and they can give you additional information. Make sure that you are getting the process started as soon as you can, as it can take a few weeks for a duplicate title to come in the mail. Feel free to ask if there is a rush service you can pay for if you need to get the title immediately. For example, if you need to trade the vehicle in for something more reliable, you probably do not want to wait weeks on end. It could end up lost in the mail and you would have to start the process all over again. 

For more info about car duplicate titles, contact a local company.