Does The Alignment Of Your Tires Need Fixed? Let's Find Out

It's vital that you are aware of the signs that indicate that the alignment of your tires is not as it should be. The longer the tires are left out of alignment, the more damage there could be by the time the work is done. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you know just what you should be looking for. Make an appointment with a wheel alignment shop should you find yourself noticing any of these problems: [Read More]

Your Beater Is Overheating: Is It The End Of The Road?

There are plenty of reasons to junk an old car, but can persistent overheating be one of them? Movies and TV shows love to portray stranded motorists along the side of the road with steaming hoods, but engine overheating problems are no joke. While some older vehicles might have been more tolerant, newer aluminum block engines quickly fail when exposed to extreme temperatures. Of course, you don't need to drive your car to the scrapper at the first sign of your temperature needle extending past the middle of the range. [Read More]

3 Windshield Wiper Repairs Your Car May Need

You may not pay much attention to the windshield wipers on your car, but if they won't come on when it's raining, you could have an emergency on your hands. A few things may be wrong with your wipers if they aren't turning on. If they don't work at all, or if an arm is snapped off, take your car to an auto repair shop on a sunny day so your wipers are ready for the next rain. [Read More]

Cash For Junk Cars: 4 Things That Determine The Price Quote

Selling your grounded car is quite an easy option and saves you time and money. The process generally doesn't require any advertisements or marketing. Often, salvage yards and auto dealers use environmentally-friendly disposal practices for car parts they don't need. But what determines the price of your old car? The following explores important factors junk car dealers consider when giving a quote. 1. Condition of the Vehicle Is your vehicle in terrible shape? [Read More]