4 Tips for Changing Your Own Motor Oil

Considering saving some money and changing your vehicle's motor oil on your own? If so, it will help to know the following tips to ensure you do it correctly and safely.

Lift Your Vehicle Correctly

If you only follow one of these tips, it should be to make sure you are properly lifting your vehicle to do an oil change. You likely do not have access to a hydraulic lift, so you will need to use a jack to lift up your vehicle. You should understand where to place the jack underneath your specific vehicle so that you do not damage any parts by accident. In addition, you do not want the car to come crashing down while you are underneath it. Take extra precaution to ensure you are doing it right. 

Select The Right Motor Oil For Your Vehicle

Motor oil is not created equal. If you put the wrong type of oil into your vehicle, it can actually damage your engine. Not sure what kind of oil you need? Check your owner's manual to verify the kind that you should buy. Many times, this information is also printed on the oil cap so that you cannot miss it when you go to change your oil. The owner's manual should have more specific information based on the climate you live in, so check there first. 

Don't Warm Up Your Car Before Draining The Oil

Someone may have told you that you need to warm up your vehicle before draining the oil because it makes it easier for the oil to drain out of your vehicle. The truth is that while warming up your vehicle can make draining the oil easier, it is not worth the risk of burning yourself with hot oil. You will never be able to drain every ounce of oil out of your vehicle no matter how hot it is, so just let the oil come out at a cool temperature to make it easier to handle. 

Pour Oil Into Your New Oil Filter

When changing the oil filter, you'll want to place some oil into the new filter before installing it. It helps ensure that you do not start the engine with the filter completely dry. It also helps to have a little bit of oil around the edge of the filter to lubricate it.

If you would rather hire someone else to do the job, take your vehicle to a oil change service.