Investigating The Case Of The Missing Oil

There's a mystery afoot! If your low oil level light keeps flashing on, it can sometimes feel like a bandit is coming in the night to steal your car's precious fluids. While severe oil leaks often leave significant evidence on garage floors and other surfaces, some oil can disappear without a trace. Investigating these disappearances can sometimes make you feel like you've stepped into an X-Files episode. Fortunately, there's almost always a rational explanation for oil that vanishes into thin air. [Read More]

Tips For Getting Your Commercial Driving License (CDL)

In today's times, you need to be looking into industries that allow you to really capitalize on your talents, with a fair wage to match. One career path that is always in demand is that of the commercial driver. Whether you go the owner-operator route or find other ways to enjoy this career field, you should start looking into getting a commercial driver's license (CDL). By investing in this license, the opportunities are virtually endless for you. [Read More]

Choosing The Right All-Season Tire

For a typical daily-driven road car, there are three options for tires: summer tires, winter tires, and all-season tires. If you don't want to swap in new tires with each season, then all-season tires are the best choice. This style of tire can be used year-round in a multitude of weather conditions, although most all-seasons do not excel in any one area. Selecting the best all-season tire for your vehicle requires a different set of considerations from choosing a summer or winter tire. [Read More]

What Auto Body Repair Services Can Do For Your Vehicle

A car is a prized asset for many. Any harm or impact to the car body will destroy its overall look. It is a usual occurrence to see cars with auto damage on the road. If your vehicle has recently been damaged or your car has suffered some incident, then it is time for an auto body repair.  Effects of Accidents Accidents can impact just about every aspect of the vehicle and even though it can seem to be minor damage, it needs repair work. [Read More]