RV Services To Help Prepare For Winter Road Trips And Traveling In Cold Weather

There are many benefits to traveling during the winter months, which is why you may be planning on taking your RV out of storage. Before you set out on your winter road trip, some things need to be done to prepare for the cold weather. The following RV services will help you prepare for winter travels this season:

Engine and mechanical maintenance for winter weather

The maintenance for your RV should start with the engine and mechanical maintenance. First, lighter fluids for things like oil, brakes, and transmissions are more resistant to colder weather problems. There are other things that you will want to do to prepare the mechanical systems for cold temperatures, which include:

  • Replacing spark plugs or diesel engine heat plugs
  • Installing blankets for batteries and vital components
  • Bleed brakes and change pads to prepare for winter driving conditions
  • Checking tires and alignment to ensure good handling in winter weather

Make sure that your engine, brakes, and other mechanical systems have been serviced before you plan your RV travels this winter. You can also invest in additional equipment like an engine blanket to avoid problems when you are traveling.

Exterior RV weatherization before winter travels

The exterior of your RV is also going to need maintenance before you start traveling this winter. You will want to have some of the following weatherization services done to ensure you are  prepared for your road trip:

  • Add extra insulation to RV exteriors
  • Replace damaged window seals
  • Insulate areas where cold gets into the RV
  • Inspect the RV for air leaks and energy loss problems

The weatherization of your RV exterior will help ensure you are comfortable when you are traveling through winter storms.

Packing emergency gear to prepare for storms

When you are traveling during winter weather, you want to make sure that you have the right emergency gear. Therefore, there are some extra items that you want to make sure you pack in your emergency roadside kit. These extra items for your RV emergency kit include:

  • Radios for communications and emergency broadcasts
  • Chains or tire straps to get a grip on icy roads
  • Warmers and portable heat gun to thaw frozen equipment
  • Extra food supplies in case you get caught in a storm

The emergency gear that you pack for winter road trips will help keep you safe if you have problems while traveling.

Maintenance of holding tanks and mechanical installations

Lastly, make sure that the mechanical installations of your RV are serviced before traveling. There may be some improvements and upgrades that need to be done before winter trips, which include:

  • Insulation to protect tanks from the cold
  • Winter treatments to prevent freezing problems
  • Extra pumps and parts for quick repairs

You want to make sure your systems are ready for the cold weather to ensure you do not have to deal with problems when you should be enjoying your trip.

These RV services will help you prepare for winter travels when the weather is cold. Call an RV service shop and ask them to help with the maintenance and repairs that need to be done before traveling.