Understanding Disc Brake Systems And The Care That Your Car Needs

Many modern cars have disc brakes, which are often on the front-end. Today, there are also brake systems that have discs on all four wheels. Therefore, you may want to know the maintenance that these systems are going to need. The following guide to disc brake systems will help you ensure your brakes get the maintenance they need.

Routine Pad Changes And Brake Checkups

The best thing you can do to take care of your brakes is to have the pads changed regularly. When you have the disc brake pads changed, other maintenance that needs to be done includes:

  • Checking the discs for grooves and wear
  • Bleeding the lines and checking for leaks
  • Testing calipers and other brake components for wear

This brake maintenance can prevent a lot of problems with your brakes. You want to make sure to bleed the lines and check for other issues with the brakes.

The Signs There Is A Problem With Disc Brakes

There are different signs that there are problems with your discs. The first problem that you may notice is noises when you brake. There could also be problems with handling, which is due to the discs being warped. In addition, there may be grooves worn into discs due to the metal of brake pads rubbing against them.

Turning Discs When There Is Wear That Causes Problems

When the discs are warped, this can cause problems with handling and severe damage. If you catch the problem with warped discs, they can often be turned to solve the problem. If the discs are too damaged, they will need to be replaced when you have the other brake repairs done to your car. If you have to replace your brake discs, you may want to consider high-performance discs that are less vulnerable to warping.

Upgrades That You May Want For Your Car With Disc Brakes

There are also several upgrades that can be done to your car when new brakes are installed. The first option that you may want to consider is upgrading your car to four-wheel disc brakes. This is something that will improve the handling and control of your car. There are also options for high-performance discs, which are resistant to wear and overheating.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about the brake maintenance your car needs. Call a disc brake service for help with the care your car needs.