Does Your Vehicle's Transmission Require Servicing? Learn To Spot The Warning Signs

A major transmission repair or, worse yet, the need to replace your vehicle's transmission can be a costly endeavor. Thankfully you can often prolong the life of your transmission and avoid major repairs by addressing minor issues with your transmission in a quick and efficient manner. However, to accomplish this goal, you will first need to learn how to spot the warning signs that your vehicle's transmission needs to be serviced.

If you spot any of the telltale signs described below, be sure to contact your auto mechanic as soon as possible so that your transmission can be looked at and any necessary repairs can be made. 

Burning Smell When Switching Gears

If you catch a whiff of an odor that is a bit reminiscent of burning paper when your vehicle switches gears, this can be an indication that your transmission needs servicing. In a vehicle with an automatic transmission, this burning odor can indicate that your transmission fluid is overheating. However, in a manual transmission, this smell may also result from the need to replace your clutch plate. Taking your vehicle in to be serviced will allow you to determine the exact cause of the smell and make the necessary repairs before this issue causes major damage to your transmission or engine. 

A Delayed Response When Shifting Gears

Do you notice that your vehicle revs high and then suddenly takes off quickly when switching from park to drive? If so, this is a good indication that something is wrong with your transmission.

While this issue is most common when shifting from park to drive, it is important to note that it can occur when shifting between any gears. Oftentimes this indicates low transmission fluid but can be caused by other factors as well. Consequently, it is always good to have your vehicle professionally serviced after experiencing this issue even if adding transmission fluid to your vehicle seems to fix the problem.

Red Fluid Leaking From Vehicle

If you notice a red, rather sweet-smelling liquid leaking from your vehicle, your transmission is leaking fluid. The source of this leak must be found and repaired before you resume driving your vehicle in order to prevent damage to the transmission.

Strange Sounds When Shifting Gears

If you notice your vehicle making a grinding or squealing sound when shifting between gears this could be a sign that your transmission is low on fluid or requires a transmission flush in order to eliminate buildup within the system. It is always best to have these issues addressed quickly in order to prevent damage to your vehicle's transmission or other major systems.