A Guide To Car Air Conditioning Troubleshooting And Repair

Imagine driving on a scorching day, your car's windows wide open, only to discover that your air conditioning has stopped delivering cold air. Before taking in your car for a professional repair, it's critical to have a basic understanding of the troubleshooting and repair process.  Car Air Conditioning Essential At the core of your vehicle's air conditioning system is the refrigerant. The refrigerant is a liquid that flows through the system to absorb heat and generate cold air. [Read More]

Diesel Performance Engine: Keys To Servicing It Over The Years

If you have a truck that relies on a diesel performance engine, servicing it is something you'll need to do to keep it in great condition long-term. Here are a few servicing tips that you'll want to consider to maximize the longevity of this engine. Pay Attention to Your Oil Levels Your diesel performance engine requires the right amount of oil to run efficiently so friction isn't a factor you have to worry about. [Read More]

Things You Need To Get An Auto Duplicate Title

There are many reasons why you might need to obtain an auto duplicate title. Whether you lost yours in a house fire, flood, or it was otherwise lost, you need to obtain another one. To help make this as smooth of a process as possible, you will need to read a little further about some of the things you will need. The VIN VIN stands for vehicle identification number and it is specific to your vehicle. [Read More]

3 Signs Your Brakes Need To Be Repaired

Your brakes play an important part in the system that stops your vehicle. Without brakes, you aren't stopping your vehicle, which is not only dangerous to you in your own vehicle, but also a danger to everyone on the road around you as well. Your brakes should be inspected often and changed whenever necessary. There are signs to keep an eye and ear out for that will tell you that your brakes should be inspected, although they should still be inspected regularly by your mechanic. [Read More]