Five Things That Go Wrong When You Skip An Oil Change

An oil change is considered basic maintenance, but there is nothing basic about the damage that is caused if you skip an oil change. Knowing these five things that could go wrong should convince you to avoid skipping this car service. 1. Friction Leads to Wear and Tear Oil is a lubricant, so by its very nature, it is designed to keep the moving parts in your car's engine moving smoothly. [Read More]

Things To Consider When Your Import Car Needs Service Or Repair

If you drive an import car and you need to have service done or repairs made to the vehicle, there are some things that you need to consider. Often import cars require the use of different tools and may even need to have computer diagnostics completed on a machine that is specific to the make of the vehicle, so finding a shop that can service it is essential.  Dealer Service [Read More]

Winterize Your Vehicle With Regular Auto Maintenance

When it comes to your car, there are a lot of steps you want to take to keep inclement weather from causing potential damage. No matter the time of year, winterizing your vehicle is an essential maintenance step that helps you take care of your car during all types of weather—especially the cold. So, how do you winterize your car? These are some good steps you should take to keep your car cold weather-ready at all times. [Read More]

2 Problems Caused By Choosing Tires Too Big For Your Car

If the tires on your car are starting to wear out, you may be getting ready to purchase new ones. When looking at the various models and sizes, you may be thinking about having larger tires installed, believing that they will give you better maneuverability and stability. However, if you do choose tires that are bigger than the recommended size for your car, there are a couple of problems that will most likely arise. [Read More]