4 Tips To Care For New Window Tint To Prevent Problems With Peeling, Bubbles, And Damage

If you are planning on having the windows in your car tinted, you want to have the work done by a professional. Even if you have someone else do the window tinting, you will also want to know how to take care of it after it is done. The following tips will help you care for your new window tinting after it has been professionally installed to prevent problems like peeling, bubbles and other damage: 

1. Installing Tint and Trim or Other Materials That Should Be Removed Before Installation  

You want to maximize the surface of where tint film is installed on glass, which can sometimes be difficult to do with interior finishes and trim. Therefore, you will want to remove any parts of the interior that cover glass edges to ensure the entire surface is tinted to reduce problems with peeling after the windows have been tinted.  

2. Making Sure Your Glass Is Clean and Free of Dust and Residues Before Tint Is Installed  

Before you have the tint installed, you want to make sure the glass has been thoroughly cleaned. Use conventional glass cleaner to remove any dust and residues that may be on the windows. It is usually best to do this a day before you have the tinting done so the glass will be cleaned when the tinted film is installed.  

3. Allow Your Tint Enough Time to Set Before Washing Your Cars or The Windows That Have Been Tinted 

The tint on your windows will also need to have enough time to set before you can wash your car or clean the windows. It is usually best to wait a few weeks before washing your car. When the time comes to clean the windows, you will want to make sure you use window cleaning chemicals that are formulated for glass films to avoid any damage to your new tint.  

4. Caring for Your Auto Window Tint After It Has Been Installed to Ensure It Lasts for Years  

Lastly, you will want to make sure you care for your window tint for the duration of its life. Therefore, you want to make sure you clean your windows regularly with cleaners and adequate tools that are designed for tinted windows. Avoid conventional glass cleaners that can damage the tint film on the glass.  

These are some tips to help with caring for your window tint after it has been installed to prevent damage. If you are planning on installing tint on your windows, contact a professional window tinting service to ensure the work is done correctly.