3 Reasons To Have Your Transmission Checked After Hitting A Deer

Any unexpected collision can leave a driver shaken and wondering how much damage the vehicle sustained. Colliding with a large animal like a deer is no exception: here are three reasons to have your transmission checked after hitting a deer. 

1. Transmission Damage Is Often Unseen

Deer are notorious for seeming to come out of nowhere, especially when driving at dawn, dusk, and night time. Whether your vehicle hits the animal head-on or was side-swiped, it's important to bring it to an auto repair expert as soon as possible. 

In most vehicles, your transmission system is nestled in the engine compartment at the front of the car. This is also the most likely part of your vehicle to sustain damage from hitting a deer or other obstacle. Because it's under the hood, though, you may not be able to see the damage at the time of the accident. 

A transmission repair expert can determine whether you'll need any repairs as a result of your collision and let you know exactly how much it will cost. 

2. Your Insurance May Cover the Repair

When you hit a deer, one of the first phone calls you'll want to make is to your auto insurance provider. They will be able to walk you through what steps you need to take to make sure any necessary repairs from the incident will be covered. 

If you wait to get the transmission checked until you notice a driving issue, it may be too late to apply a claim with your insurance policy. They may also want evidence such as photos of the damage or to speak directly with the auto repair professionals. 

For this reason, having your vehicle checked out as soon as possible after your collision is very important. You could be saving yourself thousands of dollars if your insurance is able to cover the claim. 

3. Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

If there is one part of your vehicle you don't want to fail unexpectedly while driving, it's the transmission system. Think of transmission as the brain of your vehicle's engine, and take care of it accordingly. 

Even when there is no visible or audible damage to the vehicle, driving away from a deer collision can be dangerous. Any sudden impact can knock parts out of line, unbalance your vehicle, and cause other seemingly minor damages that are hard to detect if you're not a professional. 

For safety's sake, have your car's transmission and other parts checked as soon as possible even after a minor collision. Again, fixing a minor repair could save you thousands before it becomes a major issue that causes further damage and injury. 

To learn more about what automotive repairs you might need after a collision, contact an auto shop in your area.