Rear Engine Sports Car Care For Exotic Classics

Exotic rear-engine sports cars are rare finds that require special care. These cars can be worth more than luxury homes. You probably want to know how you can preserve its value. The following rear-engine sports car maintenance is needed if you have an exotic classic parked in your garage.

Caring for the Exterior and Original Paint

To care for your car, you may want to start with the original paint. This can be difficult if there are any scratches. The scratches can be repaired, and maintenance can be done to protect the original paint. Things that you will want to do to care for the paint include:

  • Detailing and buffing
  • Refinishing dull chrome finishes
  • Protecting your car with a ceramic coating
  • Protecting the original paint with a vinyl wrap

The paint is one of the first things people see when they see your car. This can also affect its value if it is ever appraised. Therefore, you want to make sure the paint job looks like it did the day the car rolled off the factory floor.

Brake and Wheel Care for Exotic Cars

The brakes and wheels of your exotic car are also important and need proper care. Therefore, you want to make sure that the maintenance is done. Some things to consider for the wheels and brakes of your car include:

  • Changing brake pads regularly
  • Greasing brake and suspension parts
  • Polishing and inspecting alloy wheels regularly

The wheels should always be in pristine condition. If you have alloy wheels, they can crack and can be difficult to have repaired. It is usually better to replace cracked or damaged alloy rims that can't be repaired.

Engine Care for Rear-Engine Classics

The engine of your rear-engine car is where you need to invest the most in maintenance. Engine parts often wear out and will need to be replaced to keep your car in mint condition. The following rear-engine maintenance will help ensure your car is reliable and performs well:

  • Changing the oil and all the fluids regularly
  • Replacing worn plastic and rubber parts
  • Performing routine tune-ups

Sometimes, you will want to replace worn engine parts to ensure your car looks and performs like it did the day it was sold.

Caring for the Interior of Your Exotic Car

The interior is also important and needs to be well-maintained. Therefore, you want to protect it from damage. Things to do to care for the interior of your car to prevent damage include:

  • Use protective covers for daily driving
  • Clean the interior of your car regularly
  • Repair minor damage quickly
  • Use UV protectors for interior finishes  

If you have a garage, it is a good idea to keep your car parked indoors to protect it from damage. This will help preserve the interior and paint, as well as its value.

The value of your car can depreciate if it is not cared for properly. Contact an exotic car care service for professional help with this maintenance. To learn more, reach out to a company like IL Tecnico Stregoni.